Services and Projects

Established in Washington, D.C. in 1998, RSL Strategies specializes in strategic services for national and international clients. RSL relies on its in-house's extensive experience in international affairs and public and private sector development, as well as its worldwide network of expert consultants to deliver quality services to its clients.

RSL's philosophy is that excellence and ethics combined produce measurable results. RSL applies this philosophy strictly to its consideration of projects and clients, and to the selection of its expert consultants.

RSL has a global network of over 1,000 experts specializing in international and business development and a strong track record with international companies and individuals seeking to establish or expand their businesses to include the North American market.

RSL enjoys direct access to the highest levels of business and political decision makers in the US, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. RSL uses this access to promote international business linkages and to obtain measurable results in trade and investment and international partnerships.

Below are a few examples of RSL projects:

Communications and Media:
RSL Strategies provides a comprehensive set of services to a White House-based international program, including content and newsletter development, and public relations with US Congress and other US government agencies.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
RSL Strategies was hired to provide a project evaluation of a USAID South Africa program focused on entrepreneurial development.

Evaluation of the Initiative to End Hunger in Africa (IEHA):
As the prime contractor, RSL Strategies provided a comprehensive mid-term evaluation to this large inter-agency US Government initiative. IEHA is a US$200 million program covering 11 countries in Africa.

Fundraising Project:
RSL Strategies has been hired to undertake a multi-million dollar fundraising effort for the NHP Foundation, an US non-profit organization with US $270 millions in assets, owner of 41 properties in the US with over 35,000 residents.

Managing African Conflict (MAC; 2003-2008; US $200 million)
As a subcontractor to prime Management Systems International (MSI),RSL Strategies brings its technical, analytical, and practical expertise in conflict management-- including mediation and negotiation, post-conflict reconstruction, specialty in preventive mechanisms, training, and the analysis of the causes of state collapse—to provide conflict prevention advisory services to field-based program officers in government, intergovernmental organizations, and NGOs. MAC is a $200 million IQC.

Increasing Sustainable Local Government Service Delivery (ISLGS; 2005-2008; US $30 million)
As a subcontractor to the Louis Berger Group, RSL Strategies brings its experience in African municipal development, municipal finance, international capital markets, and communications to bear on local government capacity building work in South Africa. Base: $10 million (2005-2008); Option Years: $20 million (2008-2010); total: $30 million.

Democracy and Governance Analytical, Support, and Implementation Services (2004-2009; US $5 million)
As part of the Management Systems International Consortium (MSI), RSL Strategies uses its extensive experience in democratization- ranging from electoral systems and policy to decentralization, including municipal finance and local capital financial market access-- and governance to provide core analytical, research and development services, including: democratization and governance assessments, strategic democratic environmental analyses, political environment surveys, and training for key individual actors, grassroots organizations and other civil society groups, and institutions participating in the democratic process. This is a $5 million IQC.

International Legislative Strengthening (2004-2009; US $100 million)
Working through the collaborative MSI Consortium, RSL Strategies draws on its extensive experience in micro and macro-level policy reform in a range of disciplines to provide technical assistance and advisory services to governments, national and sub-national deliberative bodies, and NGOs (including grassroots advocacy groups and urban-based organizations) on democratic procedures training, public policy, mediation and negotiation, legal reform, and law enforcement. This is a $100 million

Building Recovery and Reform through Democratic Governance (BRDG; 2005-2010; US $750 million)
As part of the Management Systems International Consortium (MSI), RSLStrategies provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise in policy analysis and reform, including the security sector, and at the ministerial and community levels. RSL’s conflict management experience in postconflict reconstruction, community building, peace connectors, and civilian and military social reintegration will be brought to bear on the Consortium’s program implementation efforts. This is a $750 million IQC.

Aid to Basic Education/Linkages in Education and Health (ABE-LINK; 2005-2010; US $72 million)
As part of the Creative Associates International, Inc Consortium for the USAID Assistance to Basic Education-Linkages to Education and Health (ABE-LINK) IQC, RSL Strategies provides technical assistance and services in support of cross-sector integration between education and health. RSL uses its extensive experience in health communications, issues identification and promotion, and its knowledge of grassroots and policymaker level social development challenges to support its technical assistance efforts. In addition, RSL draws on its analytical and mediation skills to contribute significantly to the Creative team for the design and implementation of successful, integrative program approaches to health and education. This is a $72 million IQC.

Senegal Accelerated Growth and Increased Competitiveness (SAGIC, 2005-2010, US $95 million)
As part of the International Resources Group (IRG) Consortium, RSLStrategies provides business development, policy reform, and management training services for a five-year program designed to promote increased trade and export competitiveness, public-private partnerships that attract private investment for efficient delivery of public goods or services, public policy reforms to improve Senegal’s business environment, and support for democratic and economic reforms. This is a $95 million, single-award IQC.